Dedicated Performance.

Wildcat has pursued a concept of ‘Total Control’ with the Wildcat, after rewriting the rulebook in 2000 with the original car. Over the last decade, the Wildcat has developed into perhaps the most balanced and consistent Rally Raid machine available, combining exceptional performance and handling with a satisfying ability to extract the very best from every driver. Victories in the world’s most demanding Rally Raids and Cross Country Championships including record making success at the Dakar, Tuareg and Pharoan Rally’s, stand as testament to the Wildcat’s innate capacity.

The W1 is centred around a high strength space frame chassis, providing extreme rigidity for both safety and off road handling.


All new suspension turrets have been designed to carry fully adjustable coil-over dampers and remote reservoirs.


Wildcat electronics and engine management have been specifically programmed to accommodate the GM derived LS3 V8, offering over 430 bhp and 540 Nm of Torque.

The drive train has been strengthened to allow for the uprated power units with either 6 speed, manual, automatic or sequential transmission options, whilst the transfer box, differentials and axles have been uprated accordingly.

In race form, the W1 encapsulates all of Wildcat’s core values and technical expertise, it’s a proven winner. Its long-distance derivatives have shown their pace and strength in numerous endurance rally’s including the Dakar. For handling, performance, exquisite poise and usability, the Wildcat W1 delivers in every aspect.