Light strike vehicle

The Light Strike Vehicle 320 (MV-LSV320) is an exciting new addition to the Wildcat range of high performance off-road vehicles.  We have developed a unique platform for use in the security and defence sector.  The MV-LSV is ideal for Special Forces applications where rapid response over rough terrain in remote locations is required.  Wildcat is able to offer this vehicle as a fully integrated military variant including the entire spectrum of Integrated Logistic Support products and services.

‘High speed through harsh environments’ is the LSV’s strength, offering the user an ideal lightweight rapid intervention vehicle for Special Forces, border patrol, reconnaissance or strike forces.  The LSV’s size and weight enables effective air portability, including tactical CH-47 internal loading.

Whilst primarily fulfilling light force reconnaissance and strike concepts of operation, low-weight armor solutions can also be fitted as a an option.  A variety of communications and weapons systems can also be integrated depending on the customer’s requirements.

The MV-LSV is also ideally suited toward the commercial and civilian sectors such as security sensitive industries in remote areas, for example oil, gas and petrochemical plants.


The vehicle has been designed on a modular platform for ease of modification to allow for other requirements such as maintenance vehicles in harsh environments.