It is not just a supercar, it is a supercar

that is virtually indestructable!

Richard Hammond, TOP GEAR



Wildcat is a market leader in the production of racing and high performance all-terrain vehicles. The Wildcat brand has proven its pioneering pedigree in Rally Raid cars, and has never stopped competing at the highest levels.

Wildcat’s development began in 1985. Since 2007 Wildcat have designed, developed and produced some of the most innovative, durable and exciting all-terrain vehicles ever seen to wear the Wildcat Badge. From race to road, in 2013 Wildcat expanded its offering to the wider market, creating a special edition Land Rover Defender with Wildcat underpinnings, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

One of the few remaining truly British brands in the UK, Wildcat have committed themselves to taking the business to the next level, and are set to expand the vehicle offering even further with a super-SUV, the Wildcat W22, and a military variant, the MV-LSV. Both based around a single core platform.

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