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The W22 Super-SUV is a completely new vehicle for 2016 launch, designed from the ground up and based on the existing W1 space-frame chassis, to provide a 4 seated high performance on and off road vehicle.  This is designed for the current gap in the luxury SUV market, a 4×4 with ‘track day’ performance stats and Wildcat off road capabilities.  The W22 has a top speed (governed) of 155 mph (250km/h) and a world beating 0 – 60 mph (100 km/h) of under 4 seconds with torque ratings of up to 800 Nm.

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With a thoroughbred heart and winning DNA the W22 is a distillate of Wildcat’s Rally Raid experience, offering unmatched reactivity and a driving experience on par with our competition cars. Our remit was simple… to produce a 4×4 with the highest ever performance levels from an SUV, whilst offering the user comfort levels now synonymous with the luxury vehicle market.

The race proven design incorporates a tubular space-frame chassis with lightweight bonded carbon fibre body and tub.  State of the art fully independent adjustable suspension allows perfect on and off road adaptability at the touch of a button with our innovative Wildcat DVH system, this can also be adjusted via Bluetooth using our mobile app.