Combining the performance of a Wildcat Rally car, the comfort of a luxury SUV and the street cred of the iconic Land Rover Defender.


The Wildcat Defender is for drivers who are inspired by the best extremes in British design and iconic vehicles as well as uncompromising levels of on and off road performance. Of Wildcat have worked together to create a truly world-beating Defender; combining the engineering skills and expertise of Wildcat’s Rally Raid vehicles with additional proven excellence in aesthetic development, dedicated craftsmanship and love of detail.


430 BHP

540 NM of TORQUE AT 4,700RPM

* Additional power upgrades available, providing over 550bhp.

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Wildcat’s uncompromising approach has yielded the highest-ever performance levels from a Defender. Each and every detail, measurement and decision stems from a desire to push the performance envelope, creating a Super Defender the ultra-extreme benchmark of the “Defender” world. Wildcat engineers and designers have outdone themselves to develop cutting-edge components that are technically innovative and ultimately faster and stronger than the competition.

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The Wildcat Defender replaces the stock diesel engine and gearbox, with a GM derived 6.2L petrol V8 and 6 speed automatic gearbox providing 430 bhp and more than 540 NM of Torque at 4,700 RPM. Additional power upgrades are available for power increases, providing over 550 bhp.

The 6 speed automatic gearbox is mated seamlessly to the engine with a unique inbuilt ‘intelligent’ control module. This allows the gearbox to adjust parameters according to how the vehicle is driven, and has been programmed specifically for our engine/vehicle combination. The existing vehicle management system is reprogrammed to the new engine and gearbox, resulting in all existing instruments and controls being run as used in the standard vehicle.

The Wildcat Defender is a truly ‘factory built’ vehicle and has been meticulously prototyped to ensure conformity of production and volume manufacturing reliability in every respect.





The Defenders Interior can be completely reupholstered and every surface transformed, giving you the chance to create a cabin, specified to your exact requirement. As with all Wildcat enhancements, upgrades are available as a comprehensive package or as a selection, specified to your exact requirement. Anything and everything is possible.


To create a Wildcat V8 Defender, customers can either choose an enhanced Wildcat specification Defender from the options below, or they can supply their existing vehicle for an aftersale conversion.

Our base vehicles are supplied brand new from the Land Rover factory, starting life with the highest specification. Each Defender then undergo’s a Wildcat transformation, featuring a range of subtle upgrades over and above the manufacturers specification. Further refinements are also available, tailored entirely to your exact requirement.

Subject to requirements, our V8 conversions typically take 4-6 weeks from order, or longer for non-standard choices.