Wildcat Automotive has a privileged history of achievement and a well-earned reputation for being at the peak of progression.

Dedicated to performance, our aim has always been focused on pushing boundaries. Our uncompromising approach and technical expertise have seen us create the most innovative and durable all terrain vehicles ever seen. Their long-distance derivatives have proven Wildcats pace and strength in numerous endurance rallies, including the Dakar.

With continuous R&D, investment in top class facilities and craftsmanship, at Wildcat Automotive we remain committed to delivering vehicles that deliver in every aspect. Off road is our road.

Applying Wildcats core values and technical expertise to redefine the iconic Defender, we have been able to create exceptional bespoke vehicles, designed to match your personality and your driving needs. Our desire to push the performance envelope has seen us yield the highest performance levels from a Defender.

Designed from the ground up with a vision embodying luxury, style and performance, our approach enhances the dynamic presence of this British icon. Anything, and everything is possible.